Fear the Mirror
(Vehicule Press, 2021)

Not in Vain You've Sent Me Light
(Guernica Editions, 2021)

Behold Things Beautiful
(Signature Editions, 2016)

The Other Oscar
(Quattro Books, 2016)

Signs of Subversive Innocents 
(Signature Editions, 2014)


Fear the Mirror
Vehicule Press, Montreal; 2021.

Not in Vain You've Sent Me Light
Guernica Editions, Toronto; 2021.

Behold Things Beautiful
Signature Editions, Winnipeg; 2016.

The Other Oscar
Quattro Books, Toronto; 2016.

Signs of Subversive Innocents
Signature Editions, Winnipeg; 2014.


Poetry Reviews: Simina Banu’s POP and Joshua Levy’s The Loudest Thing
Montreal Review of Books, Summer 2020

Poetry Reviews: James Arthur’s 'The Suicide’s Son', Edward Carson’s 'Look Here Look Away Look Again' and Ken Victor’s 'We Were Like Everyone Else'
Montreal Review of Books, Summer 2019

Fast & Furious: Marie-Renée Lavoie’s Autopsy of a Boring Wife (translated from French by Arielle Aaronson)
Montreal Review of Books, Spring 2019

Shine on me, little star: Erín Moure’s Sitting Shiva on Minto Avenue
Montreal Review of Books, Spring 2018

History vs. oblivion: Alejandro Saravia’s Red, Yellow, Green
Montreal Review of Books, September 2017

A novel’s prophetic powers: Su J. Sokol’s Cycling to Asylum
Montreal Serai, April 2017

Grace & resistance in a drone’s-eye view: Nick Thran’s Mayor Snow
Arc Poetry, January 2017

Pummelling the enemy volta: Jeanette Lynes’ Bedlam Cowslip
Arc Poetry, August 2016

Artfulness & the secret story:  Melissa Bull’s Rue
Arc Poetry, April 2016

In the lamia city: Steven Artelle’s Metropantheon
Arc Poetry, January 2016

Hearing with your heart: David Zierorth’s Albrecht Dürer and Me
Arc Poetry, November 2015

A book so weighty: Pamela Porter’s House Made of Rain
Arc Poetry, Summer 2015 (print version only)

The ghost resurrected: Charlotte Rampling reads Sylvia Plath
Arc Poetry, October 2014

Prose & Poetry

Unbeknownst in a Gathering & The Poet and the Crowd (poems)
Mouse Eggs, May 2021

Razzle-Dazzle Ghazal & Ghosts of Mercy (poems)
Montréal Serai, April 2021

Manifesto of a Dancing Sculptor (poem)
Voices of Québec, League of Canadian Poets, spring 2021

What if Life Starts Now? & The Mourning After (poems)
Circumference Magazine, New Haven, January 2021

Rose Juggler (poem)
The Night Heron Barks, New Jersey, fall 2020

Festival de la poésie de Montréal (vidéo-poème)
Juin 2020

Don’t Tell Pablo (story)
Grain Magazine, Fall 2019

Across the Condiments (poem)
Bywords.ca, May 2019

Discovering Truth in Art: The Nasher Installation by Dima Karout (essay)
Youth Circulations, March 2019

Dos poemas (poems translated into Spanish by Marina Porcelli)
Confabulario, Suplemento cultural El Universal, Mexico, October 2018

Casting Call & Sound Check (poems)
Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology
Edited by Priscila Uppal & Meaghan Strimas, Mansfield Press, 2018

The Past Was a Small Notebook, Much Scribbled-Upon (essay)
Waiting: An Anthology of Essays
Edited by Rona Altrows & Julie Sedivy, University of Alberta Press; 2018

Sinville (poem translated into Spanish by Marina Porcelli)
Confabulario, Suplemento cultural El Universal, Mexico, August 2018

The Sea of Her Daze (story)
The Litter I See Project, July 2018

Go Back to Finger Painting (poem)
The Ekphrastic Review, February 2018

Flight (essay)
My (small press) writing day, February 2018

Red on Red (poem)
Montréal Serai, December 2017

Recipe for Disaster (memoir)
Canadian Women in the Literary Arts, April 2017

When Welcomed, I Bring Music (flash fiction)
Atwater Library & Computer Centre, 2017

Note to a Mapless Self (poem)
Literary Review of Canada, December 2016

Sometime Next Year (story)
carte blanche, November 7, 2016

Escape Route (poems)
Arc Poetry, Fall 2016

Aquarians (poem)
Geist, Summer 2016

Lily Metterling & Her Macho Idiots (story)
The Puritan Spring 2016 Supplement

Braver Than Anyone (story)
Montreal Serai, April 2016

Corporate Citizen (story)
Maisonneuve magazine website, December 2013.

Salut King Kong – New English Writing from Quebec edited by Elise Moser 
(Véhicule Press, Montréal; 2014)

Her Human Voice (poem)
Literary Review of Canada,Vol. 21, No. 1, Jan/Feb 2013.

Baking Brownies on a Barbecue (story)
Descant, issue 158 on Renovations; Fall 2012.

En el Museo del Che & Gacela del duelo feroz (poems)
Sus huellas son letras (Their Footprints are Letters) edited by Dr. Lady Rojas Benavente, Éditions Alondras, Montréal; 2011.

Under the Jacaranda (story)
Minority Reports – New English Writing from Québec
edited by Claude Lalumière & Elise Moser, Véhicule Press, Montréal; 2011.

Flying on the Wings of Thought (essay)
Descant, issue 150 on Writers in Prison; Fall 2010.

Before Leaving Hué (poem)
The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2009 edited by A.F. Moritz & Molly Peacock, Tightrope Books, Toronto; 2009 and Descant, issue 141; Summer 2008.

cora siré: 13 poems with music (CD)
Narrated by the author with instrumental accompaniment by various musicians, Andrei Smirnov production, Montréal; 2007.